Work with me

90-Minute Consultation

Have a specific issue that you’re tired of tackling alone?  I’m here to support you all the way. 

In this 90-minute consultation we’ll work together to figure out what’s keeping you from feeling your best and come up with a personalized action plan that you can follow for months to come.

Hormone Health Power Packs

Are you ready to take your power back?

There are a lot of things that can take your power away–your hormones shouldn’t be one of them.  In this series of 3 x 2-hour sessions, we’ll take a deep dive into your hormone health from all angles: body, mind, and soul.

Choose from PMS/PMDD, Post-Pill/Pre-Conception, Burnout, or Perimenopause.


You’ve known for a while that there’s deeper work to do and you’re craving the kind of transformation that only comes from long-term support.

Whole, Healthy, Free is a 6-month mentorship to help you break up with burnout and start living as the badass you were born to be.


As a brilliant being with big, bold dreams in mind, you don’t have time to get sidelined.  And without an understanding of how to keep your hormones running smoothly (especially after 35) you’ll blaze a trail to burnout every time.

Fire Up is a revolutionary 6-week course that will help put an end to your hormonal havoc, break free from the burnt out good girl, and start living as the smokin’ hot badass you were born to be.

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