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Have you reached midlife and notice that more than just your hormones are changing? If you’re ready to do the deeper work around surrender, radical acceptance, and leaving a legacy behind that shines, BIG BOLD MIDLIFE is the program you’ve been waiting for.

It’s a 6-month group coaching experience for people who want to take an empowered approach to midlife with knowledge, community, and a whole lotta badass energy on their side.

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Are you ready to level up? 

If I know you, you’ve spent decades striving to be at the top of your game in all areas of your life.

But lately you’re shifting away from what looks good to everyone else to what feels right to you. It’s liberating and terrifying all at the same time.

You’re not just ready for your next evolution. What you desire is a total elevation.

Elevate is a 6-month mentorship to help you do just that. Together we’ll do the deep transformative work to make the second half of your life, the best half of your life.

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