What makes you an expert?  I remember a time when that question made me cringe.

An expert? Me? What do I know?

It seems strange to admit it now, but I used to devalue my expertise for fear of setting myself apart as the supreme authority.  The fact is that I did have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from to affect positive change in my own life and the life of my clients.  Do I have all the answers? No. Do I know how to empower you to discover the answers you’re seeking for yourself?  Absolutely.

One of the most powerful outcomes of working with a Fertility Coach is that you become your own expert.

When was the last time you felt like the authority?  When have you ever regarded yourself as the specialist?  Chances are if you’re reading this, you have over thirty years of experience being you.  So how can you use that to become your own fertility expert?

1) Know your cycle

If you don’t want to commit to taking your temperature every day, at least become aware of your cervical mucus, length of your cycle (starting with the first day of your period), and your menstrual flow (blood color, consistency, and duration) as this can give you valuable information about your fertility and your overall health.
If you’re interested in charting your cycle, specifically if you’re using the Fertility Awareness Method, I highly recommend the OvaGraph app to get you started.  You can read more about it here: http://www.ovagraph.com/

2) Know the lingo

If you’re going to talk about what’s happening in your body, it helps to have the words to do so.  You don’t need to sound like an endocronologist, but knowing the basic terminology will allow you to discuss your fertility with confidence.
Here’s a glossary of terms to get you started: http://www.webmd.com/baby/glossary-of-fertility-terms#1

3) Know your fertility friends and foes

Smoking, drinking, hardly sleeping?  Your fertility might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re indulging in your daily sugar fix or saying yes to that late night cigarette, but everything we consume and put on our bodies absolutely does make a difference.  Remember that it takes approximately four months for the egg cell to mature and your everyday choices during that time have a direct impact on egg quality.  The higher quality the egg, the better chance you have at a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.
I share fertility friends and foes regularly on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heartcenteredfertilitycoaching/
Make sure you give it a like and stay in the know.

4) Know how to let go

Are you constantly fighting to keep everything under your control?  Do you wish you could take your hands off the wheel and trust that everything will continue on a positive course?  As a former control freak, I know how challenging it can be to surrender and simply go with the flow.  When we rely on ourselves and our own abilities to handle everything, we can easily feel frustrated when things don’t go our way.  What’s my secret for living with ease?  Every morning, I put my faith in the greater good and let the plan for each day unfold as it’s meant to.  Trust that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be and know that, as Gabrielle Bernstein says “the universe has got your back.”

5) Know how to snap out of it

It’s the first day of your period.  Your coworker has just started to show and your sister-in-law wants your help planning for her baby shower.  Happiness is a choice, but how do you choose it when you’re in pain.  When I need a quick mood lift, I focus on what I’m grateful for.  It’s something I can do any time, anywhere and it’s proven to give your brain a serotonin boost.  I also rely heavily on music to lift my spirits.  Find a handful of songs that can get you happy in a hurry.  Lately for me it’s been Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” (Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!)
Becoming your own expert takes time and a solid investment in yourself.  It also helps to have encouragement and support from someone who’s holding you accountable along the way.  If you’re interested in becoming your own fertility expert, send me a message at info@jolindajohnson.com and we’ll schedule an initial consult to get started.
In the meantime, keep taking care of YOU and if at all possible, take a few moments today to just dance, dance, dance!