Last week, I was headed home on the train, when I received an email from a client.  She said that since having begun working with me three months ago, her fertility journey had taken a surprising turn.  She had finally gotten the positive pregnancy test that she had been waiting for for three years. I couldn’t believe it because she is the third woman this year who has become pregnant during our coaching series together.

To put this in perspective, these are all women who are in their mid thirties to early forties and none of them thought they would ever be mothers when we had our initial pre-coaching consultation. All of them had been trying for more than six months and in some cases, like the client I just mentioned, years.  They signed up for my fertility coaching program on a whim because I was offering a special promotion at the beginning of the year and felt that they had nothing to lose.

In a previous article, I told you why I decided to pursue a career in fertility coaching.  After my own personal experience, I knew there had to be a better way to get pregnant that didn’t involve stress, disappointment, and overwhelm at every turn.  I also knew that the knowledge I had gained as a Holistic Health Coach through the Insitute of Integrative Nutrition and the life coach training I had received through Beautiful You Coaching Academy could be combined to help women maximize their chances of conception and feel empowered on their fertility journey.

What makes my fertility coaching program so powerful?

It wasn’t until I trained with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy that I realized the importance of goals.  Goals are the foundation of every fertility coaching series I offer.  They are the shining guide posts that shed light on exactly what you want to accomplish over the course of three months.  Setting goals is essential because you can only reach them if you are constantly moving forward in positive action.

Even though everyone calls it the “fertility journey” it’s easy to feel stuck if you are simply measuring your progress by a negative pregnancy test each month.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you were actually getting closer to achieving something you deeply desired? Throughout the series, I work with each of my clients to get them moving towards the life they have always envisioned for themselves, full of confidence, passion, courage, and joy.

Setting the goals is just the beginning.  Implementing the action steps is where the magic happens.

One of the most common reactions I get from my clients after the goal setting session is, “I feel really inpired by these goals, but I have no idea how to make them happen!”  This is why having a coach is so important.  The first step is discovering what you want, the next step is figuring out how to get it.

“I want to believe in myself and what my body can do.”
“I want to live with ease.”
“I want to stop feeling crazy around food.”
“I want to reignite the passion in my relationship.”
“I want to feel beautiful.”

Most of us can envision the changes that we want for ourselves, but we convince ourselves that they aren’t possible.  We let fear and self-doubt cloud our innate brilliance and deny ourselves of opporunities that are, in reality, always available to us.

If, after the first session, I left my clients alone to figure out their goals for themselves, they most likely wouldn’t have changed very much about themselves or their lives when I checked in on them three months later.  Is that because they aren’t capable of getting everything they want for themselves?  Absolutely not.  My clients are some of the smartest, most dedicated women that I know.  But turning your deepest desires into reality takes a lot of work, and it’s so much easier when someone is by your side, supporting you and holding you accountable along the way.

In a coaching series, the goals remain constant throughout the three months, but the action steps you take towards achieving them change every two weeks.  This means that we get to break it down into bite-sized pieces that you can savor as you go.  It also means that every session, as long as you stay committed, there will always be something to celebrate!  As you remain in action, you’ll realize the following:

1) You are a capable of getting what you want.
2) Your fears are not real.
3) You are more than your pregnancy test.
4) You are worthy of your desires.
5) You can trust in yourself and your intuition.
6) You are fertile.



For me, a woman’s fertility will always be about more than just her ability to procreate.  Your fertility is about your ability to create, to remain open, to cultivate joy, to receive abundance, and to love and respect yourself in all areas of your life.  

Are you ready to make 2018 your most fertile year yet?

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