What my clients are saying . . . 

Since starting my business seven years ago, I’ve had the privilege of working with clients from all over the world from Sydney, Australia to Sacramento, California.

While the experiences they’ve brought to their sessions have all been unique, they have shared one big thing in common: they believed in their ability to change and in my ability to help.

Another thing to know about these beautiful beings: none of them were strangers to the world of coaching and self-development when we started working together, yet many of them were still surprised by the results.

I admire each of them so much for their willingness to take a leap, invest in themselves, and experience the transformations they were seeking as a result.



Working with Jolinda has been one of the greatest, most clarifying endeavors of my life. Not only does she allow me to reframe my mindset about work, she provides real insights I would not have known how to make about myself, my own way of thinking and my self worth.

She provides a safe haven to discuss and a new perspective in which to view all my fears and worries. She gives truly constructive feedback and instruction on how to manage overwhelming feelings and make them discernible and manageable.

We all should be so lucky to work with a teacher as gifted as Jolinda. I count myself lucky every day!

Stacy London, USA

Having the support I needed when I was struggling the most and in crisis was essential to changing the things that needed to be changed, so that I could have the right tools and strategies to move past the things that were no longer working for me and grow into better ways of being. The changes I experienced transcended my relationship with my work, into my relationship with others more broadly and with myself. 

The sessions on self-compassion and boundaries, in particular, were really pivotal in helping me to understand and incorporate new ways of relating. These have allowed me to look after my own needs without guilt or the need to explain to others, which in turn has attracted more of the kind of support and understanding that I need (at work and in my personal life).

I still reflect on what it means to have self-compassion and boundaries on a daily basis as I learn to let go of older, unhealthy patterns. These lessons have really stayed with me. 

Asmaa Khadim, The Netherlands

Jolinda has helped me to focus on what’s truly important–ME! I am feeling happy with who I am and how I look as I finally pour the energy of love I’ve always shown to others back into myself.

Jolinda has been the catalyst of a major breakthrough in my life and I am full of joy, bliss, and positive energy. If I could shout out from the rooftops about how freaking amazing she is, I would!

I love, love, love our work together.

Raquel Ortiz, USA

Working with Jolinda has been one of the most liberating and awakening experiences for me that resulted in uplevelling in so many areas in my life, relationships, career and business.  Especially as a woman of colour, I’ve felt so held, seen and free to be by the safe space Jolinda has created for me and grateful for the incredible value and support she provides as a wellness mentor, and also in reclaiming my leadership and power.

The experience through the mentorship program allowed me to navigate and truly see the lessons in my frustrations, step up in my own leadership and hone in on more courage to show up wholeheartedly.  I’ve learned some very pragmatic and supercharged health and wellness routines, learned to embrace cyclical living, develop more self compassion, ground myself in a deeper presence and be very conscious in my decision making.  It developed me to be a better space holder and coach for my clients and it also resulted in a deeper and stronger connection with my family and also my husband.

Jolinda is a very rare and multiskilled coach and mentor, and a phenomenal source of knowledge and wisdom.  I love that she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.

Thank you so much Jolinda for witnessing ALL of me and for creating this space for me to flourish and grow.  So much love to you, and I cannot wait to work with you again soon.

Marlous Teh, Australia

Working with Jolinda was a divine assignment in my life.  The timing was perfect!  Entering into my 40’s I had begun experiencing changes in my body.  Although I expected the changes “after 40,” I wasn’t prepared to address them.  I’ve since learned a lot about hormones and how they work together to affect my body and health overall.

Jolinda helped me to make choices that were perfect for MY body so that I could get back into balance.  I showed my healthcare provider the suggestions and he was in agreement with all of them too.  It’s amazing to now not only have the knowledge, but also the solution for it.  I am more comfortable navigating the ages and stages of my life.

Thank you Jolinda for providing a space for me to learn about my hormones without judgement or feeling like I’m going downhill and there’s nothing I could do about it.  I’m empowered, equipped and ENERGIZED!

Amanda Johnson, USA

When I found Jolinda, I was suffering from a very bad case of burn out, 20 years in the making!  I knew that I needed someone to help guide me through the fog in my mind and in my body, but I was hesitant to reach out to a coach.  I worried whether they would have the expertise to guide me.  I worried about feeling comfortable sharing the emotional and physical pain that accompanies and causes burn out.  I worried that I would spend the money and see no improvement.  While these were legitimate concerns, I am so thrilled to share that I didn’t need to waste all that time worrying!!! 

Jolinda is an expert in burn out, hormones, self-care strategies, nutrition, living well with chronic conditions, and so much more! 

On my first call with Jolinda, we immediately connected.  She is such a good listener, and she really knows how to hold space for her clients.  She led me through the science of what is happening in my body as I recover from burn out, she gave me so much practical advice, and she made it so fun! 

Since I started working with Jolinda, I have learned how to take care of myself in new ways that allow me to heal from a tough case of burn out.  I feel so much more confident in my decisions around nutrition, exercise, and self care.  And as I’ve leaned into the things I learned with Jolinda, I am feeling myself come back. 

The fog is clearing and I am feeling a new excitement about life and my future.  I am so grateful to Jolinda and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to break up with burn out! 

Sadie Cullumber, USA

Jolinda is one of the best coaches in the world to support recovery from burnout and supporting the courage needed to step into a thriving way of being.

She held me as I began to make different choices about how I used my energy and spent my time, letting go of what was no longer sustainable in my life.

Her presence is calming, her questions are soul-evoking and cut through the bullshit. I love the way Jolinda holds space.

Jenna Robertson, Australia

I’d never worked with a health coach before and wasn’t sure if talking about health and how I nourish myself on every level would feel prescriptive or if I’d feel resistant.  I’ve had to work on my relationship with food in the past and am always scared when food or weight is mentioned.

Jolinda’s approach is warm and welcoming and the process is grounded and supportive so that any hesitation melted away as soon as we began.  I left our first session feeling really seen and calm.

Her wealth of knowledge, lived experience and incredible wisdom means that she creates an inclusive space to learn and grow.  Her support is both powerful and practical.

As a result of working together, I now have a sense that I can do this.  That the changes I’m making are tailored to me and done in a way that is not only manageable, but joyful.  I feel like I’m getting back my spark and vitality again and I have the tools to make these changes.

Louisa-Jane Sparrey, Australia

Before I signed up for a coaching series with Jolinda, I wondered if I really needed 8 sessions and if I would make the full use of it.

However, each session has proven invaluable, and I have always had something to share and work with.

Often it starts small, something that has been annoying me in between sessions, and being able to discuss these moments with Jolinda and uncover what’s behind them has helped me gain more confidence and reconnect with myself. I really love Jolinda’s gentle approach to coaching and how she blends in her spirituality.

Emilie Gomez, France

I enjoy Jolinda’s straight talking.  She manages to both hold space for you to have your light bulb moments, but also brings her own signature truth bombs as and when they’re most likely to have an impact.  I also love the way we’ve worked with the divine, goddesses, and esoteric principles.  It’s helped me overcome my judgements about these and develop a greater appreciation for felt senses and leaning into the mystic.

I now have a better awareness of my blindspots and can see where I’m acting out from a place of limiting beliefs and insecurities.  I’m also SO much more aware of honouring bedtimes, morning rituals and practicing compassion.  I actually appreciate downtime and time spent in the void as a necessity—not a cop out.

Jennifer Carr, United Kingdom

I met Jolinda in 2018 where we both participated in a Mastermind Forum with female business owners from around the world and I quickly realized that Jolinda was a leader in her industry.
Jolinda’s ability to combine the ease of connection with her clients and the depth and breadth of her understanding of the whole mind-body system is unmatched. So as the Founder/CEO of a luxury goods company looking to grow the brand in the Fall of 2019 the choice to work with Jolinda was clear. And the results of our work together has shown up in every aspect of my life.
What began as a professional goal quickly became a very personal journey because of Jolinda’s incredible insight. By rebalancing attitudes and beliefs I was able to embrace my true self and trust my inner wisdom. I have experienced a fusion of intentions, beliefs and and choices that I make for myself that have resulted in mindfulness, wholeness and fulfillment on a level I have never experienced in my life!
Keely Solimene, USA

This program will change your life and how you choose to move through it.

I’ve experienced positive changes in everything from my confidence in my Blackness, in my womanhood and how I am now holding space for my own clients as a life coach.

The best part of working with Jolinda is her gentle, yet strong leadership. I want to be able to model the way she allows for people to turn up as themselves, unapologetically. So grateful that I said yes to this experience!

Khetsi Giles-Rowley, United Kingdom

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