What My Clients Are Saying

My husband and I had made the decision to start a family some time before I met Jolinda, and I wanted to be in the best possible physical shape, along with having a strong, positive mindset. Upon hearing Jolinda’s beautiful perspective on connecting mind, body and soul when wanting to start a family I knew immediately I had struck gold in being given the opportunity to work with her. Her knowledge, expertise and passion is so inspiring.

Throughout the coaching process, my husband noticed I was far more relaxed.  I let go of the fear of not falling pregnant and focused on creating the perfect environment both mentally and psychically to accept a baby in my life. This change in perspective led to a healthier mindset and a positive pregnancy result after just two months of working with Jolinda!

I found our coaching sessions perfectly paced, Jolinda had so much knowledge to share, and she was incredibly empathetic too.

Our time together was truly inspiring powerful, and life-changing.

Nichola Keidel-Doggrell, United Kingdom

When I began my fertility coaching series with Jolinda, I had been trying to conceive for a few years with no results.  I was pretty sure I wanted to become a mother, but I was also dealing with a number of other big life decisions including work and health issues. Working with Jolinda helped me see the fertility journey as a holistic approach to living my healthiest life (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually) in a way that would increase my chances of conceiving, while also honoring the woman I am now.

Setting my own goals, breaking down those goals into manageable steps, and reviewing and revising the goals and steps as needed allowed me the room to learn and grow. Jolinda’s approach was compassionate, kind, knowledgeable (but never preachy!), and empowering. I have incorporated many of the lessons into my life and am living healthier and happier for it. Thank you, Jolinda, for all you have taught me – about life, as well as fertility.

Katherine Bryant, United States

When Jolinda and I started working together, I was still grieving the loss of my son Hamish and also starting to get going in my own business. I felt like I needed support with self-care and working through setting boundaries around my time. I also wanted to set myself up with the best chances of falling pregnant again. 

I knew Jolinda was the right coach for me after we had a call together. I loved her energy and enthusiasm towards fertility and helping women achieve their goals. I loved that she had a holistic view on health and wellness which included the practical and spiritual side of things. 

Throughout my coaching series, my husband noticed the difference as I was implementing things in my life that benefited both of us. As I focused on loving myself more during the series I could see this rubbing off on him as well.

I am really happy with everything we worked on. Jolinda gave me the courage to make the big changes I needed every step of the way (including quitting my job and creating a new business!)

Jodie Matthews, Australia


With Jolinda’s constant encouragement and support, I have been able to reconnect with my passions, make myself a priority, and honor my needs and desires in a whole new way.  I finally feel like I am in the flow of life, letting things unfold as they’re meant to instead of pushing for everything to happen when I think it should.  Since the beginning of our coaching series, I feel so much more confident and secure in what I really want.

Jolinda is like a ray of sunshine. She warms me and fills me with positivity about all aspects of my life. Her smile is contagious! I cannot recommend Jolinda enough.

Natalia Hooker, Spain


Jolinda I’m so glad our paths crossed! I feel so much more empowered and so much less stressed which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. Your gentle and supportive approach allowed me to truly open up and your words of wisdom and encouragement inspired me to shift barriers I didn’t even know existed. Thank you so much!

Bec Williams, Australia


Kind Words from Fellow Coaches

Jolinda’s insight and expertise on the journey of reaching your fertility goals is out of this world!  She is the much needed breath of fresh air and warmth in the often cold and anxious world of navigating fertility issues.  Jolinda believes in you, your dreams of becoming a mommy, and your body’s resilience!  Having been through her own experience to motherhood, Jolinda’s wisdom and guidance is pure excellence and let me tell you that you will love the feeling of believing in yourself again.

As a colleague in the realm of holistic fertility, I especially admire that Jolinda’s approach is not an overwhelming list of several dozen things to take with another several things to quit.  Instead, Jolinda works with you to customize steps unique to your needs.  I have personally benefited immensely from Jolinda’s empowered coaching services and she is the first fertility expert I’ve worked with to teach me the keys of self-compassion.  Her scientific expertise in fertility health integrated with her emphasis on mindfulness and self-love truly works wonders.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or alone on the path to pregnancy, I highly recommend having Jolinda on your team.  She will brighten your week, re-affirm your passion, and walk with you in the right direction toward motherhood!

Justina Thompson, United States


Jolinda is such an inspiration – her passion and enthusiasm for coaching and natural fertility shines through in everything she does. She is a warm, gentle and caring coach, and is so committed to helping women develop a deep sense of self love. If you’re looking for a fertility coach, Jolinda is your woman!

Hayley Tapper, Australia

Jolinda is the real deal. As a fellow fertility coach I appreciate Jolinda’s clear-sightedness, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Jolinda is passionate about her work and is seeks to serve her clients to the best of her ability. She is not afraid of dealing with difficult issues and is willing to share her own life experience to help others.

Emma Brodzinski, United Kingdom


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