One of the most common reactions I get when I tell people that I’m a Fertility Coach is, “Really? I had no idea there was such a thing.”  Fertility coaching is indeed a new and emerging profession.  Truth be told, I first felt called to working with women in this way several years ago, but I was so afraid of what other people would think of me that I didn’t pursue it. Why would someone with an Ivy League degree and a Master’s in Education leave her teaching career to pursue a profession that nobody had ever heard of? 

Let your passion be greater than your fear.


My passion for supporting women in realizing their dreams of motherhood has overtaken my fear of what other people think, and the status anxiety I once felt has been replaced with the confidence of knowing I have found my true purpose. I want every woman longing to become a mother to know what it feels like to see a positive pregnancy test, to feel those first kicks, to hold your newborn in your arms, and to hear “I love you” from the person who you will love unconditionally for the rest of your life.

If your sheer desire were enough to become pregnant, there wouldn’t be a need for Fertility Coaches like me.  The fact is that getting pregnant isn’t a matter of will and most of us have heard by now that the more you obsess over it, the less likely it is to happen.

If you’re a highly motivated woman used to getting your way through careful planning and strategic attack, you’ll probably approach getting pregnant with the same go-getter attitude.

You start by doing your research, then you follow exactly what the book says, until you read another book that says something entirely different, and then there’s that article that you read online plus the blogs that you subscribed to, and don’t forget the TTC forums that you check in on once in a while.  Pretty soon you’re on information overload, not to mention the “helpful” advice that everyone keeps offering.  Before you know it, your life revolves around temperature readings, ovulation kits, and having sex on the right days.  Eventually you start to question why you’re doing all of this in the first place and wonder what happened to the woman who just wanted a baby so she could share her love with another human being.
If this sounds like you, then let me assure you that you’re not the only one.  Many women I’ve talked to, including myself have been there.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to ease your overwhelm? Wouldn’t it help to have the inside track on information that was specifically relevant to you?  How would it feel to know that your deepest needs and desires were being heard and that you had the power to make them a reality? How would your journey to becoming a mom be different if you knew you were supported by someone who was looking out for you every step of the way?

I’m a Fertility Coach and I’m here to help.

I’m here to serve the women who need me most.  I’m here to connect with those who know they need to do something differently but aren’t sure where to start.  One thing is realizing the need for change, another is actually implementing it in your everyday life.  Reading about a fertility friendly diet is wonderful, but how do you get those foods on your plate?  Feeling calm, cool, and relaxed sounds lovely but if you’re used to having everything under your control, going with the flow can be terrifying.  How do you show yourself the same unconditional love that you hope to give to your child some day? You know that you want a baby with all your heart, but how do you turn that longing into action?  It can be a lot to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to go, but the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone.  I’m a Fertility Coach and I’m here for you.
If you’re interested in working with me as a Fertility Coach to maximize your chances of conception and feel empowered on your fertility journey, please contact me at
I would love to talk to you about how we can work together to reach your most desired goals.