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Your fertility. Your way.

Hello, beautiful!

I’m so glad you’re here. If you’ve landed on this page you may be at the start of your fertility journey or you may feel that you’re nearing the end, but one thing I know for sure is that you haven’t given up hope. You want to believe that there is a better way and you are longing for the chance to discover what that is.

I created this site for women who are ready for a new concept of fertility.

Fertility is, and always will be, more than just the numbers on a lab report.

A woman’s fertility thrives on her ability to create, to grow, to receive, and to cultivate joy in all areas of her life.

Are you ready to embrace your fertility in a whole new way?

A fertile woman is a woman who knows how to love, starting first and foremost with herself.

She knows that no matter what, she is enough. In fact, she is more than enough, and she is worthy of her desires, both big and small.

She is ready to nourish a growing baby because she is confident in how to nourish herself. Food is a source of vitality and she knows just what to eat to make her body glow.

She is passionate about her partner, her projects, her hobbies, her life. She has discovered her purpose and she is all too familiar with the feeling that only comes when you are being lit up from the inside.

She is constantly growing, developing, transforming. She goes after what she wants because she knows by now that not even her greatest fears can stand in her way.

She lives with ease. She trusts that where she is, is exactly where she is supposed to be.

She is sexual. She is sensual. She accepts her body just as it is, from her head to her toes she gets turned on by her own kind of beautiful.

She believes in the power of women supporting women, of sisterhood, of connection.

She is self-compassionate. She is motivated by her own kindness and understanding rather than the voice of her inner critic.

She is confident. She is courageous. She is bold.

All of us are fertile women.

All of us have the capacity to develop, to grow, and to create.

If you’re tired of determining your worth by the results of a negative pregnancy test and are ready to maximize your chances of conception while at the same time living a life that you love, you’ve come to the right place.

Work with Me

Fertile and Free is my signature four-month coaching package designed to help women maximize their chances of conception without losing themselves along the way.

Your most fertile self is waiting. Are you ready?

About Jolinda

Jolinda Johnson is a Fertility Coach who wants every woman who feels called to motherhood to have the best chance at conceiving the baby of her dreams.  She believes that trying to conceive a baby shouldn’t involve losing your own life in the process, and that no pregnancy test has the power to determine a woman’s worth.

Jolinda works with women who have what it takes to change the quality of their lives as much as the quality of their eggs and who recognize the power of coaching in helping them reach their goals.

Some of her clients are warriors while others are goddesses, but all of them are women who haven’t given up hope and refuse to give up on themselves.

“We are all yeses.

We are worthy enough.

We are meant to be.

We are good eggs, every one of us.”

-Natalie Angier

On the Blog

“I am not what happened to me.

I am what I choose to become.”