Do you ever find yourself eating really well one day and then finishing off a bag of crisps the next? Ok ok, maybe you prefer sweet over savory and you go for the cookies or the ice cream instead.

You have those few moments to disconnect from the troubles of the day, and then you look at the empty packet and wonder what the hell just happened.

Yeah, been there. Done that.

EATING HEALTHY ISN’T HARD…but I’ll tell you what is:

  • Being willing to feel all of your feelings instead of numbing them with food: the pain, the grief, the sadness, the rage.
  • Taking away one thing that gives you pleasure (brownies and champagne) without replacing it with something else that you also enjoy.
  • Basing your worth on the ability to follow a certain diet, fit into a certain size, or stay away from certain foods.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with a list of demands as long as your arm and not having any other way to “take a break” or “treat yourself” except with food.
  • Having to make choices that will make your body feel good when you don’t feel good about your body.
  • Walking around with unprocessed trauma and stress and not knowing how to work through it except through eating (or not).
  • Being tossed around by hormonal changes that make implementing healthy habits that much harder (thanks perimenopause).
  • Trying to restrict eating at a time in your cycle when you’re naturally inclined to eat more (not less), then feeling like a failure because you know, “lack of willpower.”

Truly healthy eating (not bingeing, not restricting, not eliminating entire food groups for indefinite periods of time) has a lot less to do with knowing what you “should” be eating and a lot more to do with all the other stuff driving your food choices (see above).

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just “eat healthy”? (Possibly after finishing off a bag of crisps or a bar of your favorite dark chocolate with salted caramel?)

If anything in this post resonates, beautiful, I’ve been through it all and I’m here to help.

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