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Hi, I’m Jolinda! I’m an award-winning Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and Priestess for feminists, BIPOC, and LGTBQIA+ folx. I specialize in both burnout and perimenopause, so if you find yourself arriving at perimenopause after years (possibly decades) of chronic stress without recovery, you’ll definitely want more of me in your life.

Through a hybrid of holistic health and life coaching, paired with scientific education, I reveal what needs to be healed so you can restore your mind-body connection and ride the waves of your changing hormones with confidence and compassion on your side.

Jolinda Johnson Coaching is a space for changemakers, revolutionaries, and people who never quite ‘fit the box’ that society so desperately tries to put them in.  When working with me you’ll receive support and guidance so that you, changemaker, feel emboldened to be out in the world exactly as you were meant to be: whole, human, and free.

If you’re ready to give the middle finger to the white, ableist, heteropatriarchal ideals that have made you feel unfit, unresourceful, and anything less than the brilliant being that you are, I’m so glad you found me because you’ve come to the right place.


Well Rebel Collective

A course for high achievers who want to banish the burnout, shine their brilliance, and blaze a brand new trail.

Power Pack

3 x 2-hour sessions to help you balance your hormones, build trust in your body, and reconnect to your spirit

Whole, Human, Free

A 6-month mentorship to help you break up with burnout and start living as the badass you were born to be

Working with Jolinda was a divine assignment in my life.  The timing was perfect!  Entering into my 40’s, I had begun to experience changes in my body.  Although I expected the changes “after 40,” I wasn’t prepared to address them.

I am now more comfortable navigating the ages and stages of my life…feeling fired up and loving it.  Thank you, Jolinda, for providing me a space to learn about my hormones without judgement or feeling like I’m going downhill and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’m empowered, equipped, and ENERGIZED!

Amanda Johnson, USA


Working with Jolinda has been one of the most liberating and awakening experiences for me that resulted in uplevelling in so many areas of my life, relationships, career, and business.  As a woman of colour, I’ve felt so held, seen, and free to be by this space Jolinda has created for me and grateful for the incredible value and support she provides as a wellness mentor, and also in reclaiming my leadership and power.

Marlous Teh, Australia

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