Hi, I’m Jolinda!

I’m an award-winning Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and Priestess for feminists, BIPOC, and LGTBQIA+ folx. I’m also the author of Resilience: 10 Ways to Recover from Burnout and Exhaustion (Welbeck, 2023).

If you’ve landed on this page, I’m guessing you’re a brilliant human being who loves aiming high and dreaming big. You’re nothing if not passionate and you like to believe that ANYTHING is possible, but being “on” 24/7, working against your natural rhythms and living from the neck up is not the way forward and you know it!

Here’s the thing: No matter what you want to accomplish, you’ll need your emotional, spiritual, and physical health on your side. If you’re ready to do the deep transformative work that will get you out of your old patterns, I’m so glad you found me.

You’ve mastered survival mode. Let’s see what it’s like to rise and thrive.

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My signature 6-month program to help you renew your energy, ignite your life, and get back your shine.

The Resilient Coach

A 4-month mentorship for coaches who want to optimize their wellbeing and maximize their impact.

5-Step Resilience Blueprint

Specifically designed for high achieving women of color, this blueprint has everything you need to support your body, mind, and soul

Resilience Rising Course

This 6-week course helps high-achieving women of color identify burnout, the underlying challenges, and practical strategies for building resilience

Working with Jolinda has been one of the greatest, most clarifying endeavors of my life. Not only does she allow me to reframe my mindset about work, she provides real insights I would not have known how to make about myself, my own way of thinking and my self worth.

She provides a safe haven to discuss and a new perspective in which to view all my fears and worries. She gives truly constructive feedback and instruction on how to manage overwhelming feelings and make them discernible and manageable.

We all should be so lucky to work with a teacher as gifted as Jolinda. I count myself lucky every day!

Stacy London, USA

Stylist, Fashion Consultant, and Author

Working with Jolinda has been one of the most liberating and awakening experiences for me that resulted in uplevelling in so many areas of my life, relationships, career, and business.  As a woman of colour, I’ve felt so held, seen, and free to be by this space Jolinda has created for me and grateful for the incredible value and support she provides as a wellness mentor, and also in reclaiming my leadership and power.

Marlous Teh, Australia

Leadership, Mindset, and Energy Coach

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