Break free from the good girl and start living as the badass woman you were born to be: whole, healthy, free.

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Did you really think a green smoothie was the secret to your best life?

Women’s health is about more than just what we put in our mouths.   

If everything could be fixed with raw vegetables and a pricey blender, you wouldn’t be here still looking for answers, still craving more.

You’ve done your best to do all the things all the time, from your diet, to your relationship, to your career . . . but in your effort to please your inner good girl (not to mention everyone else’s expectations), you’ve lost sight of what you really want for yourself. 

A connection to your passions and your fire.

An acceptance of your body and its magic.

An unshakeable trust in the woman that you are and the woman you’re becoming.

A willingness to let go of the past and feel excited about the future. 

The time for quick fixes is over. Let’s talk about lasting change.


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When Jolinda and I spoke this week, I went into the session believing I would get great advice on how to manage my PMS symptoms and hormonal fluctuations. In actual fact, I got so much more than that.

Jolinda is an excellent listener and space holder, and with her extraordinarily relevant and insightful questioning, we dug so much deeper into the factors contributing to my wellbeing. I have been working with various therapists and coaches around these issues for years, but in just one session, Jolinda distilled things down to 3 different angles I hadn’t considered before, and gave me much to reflect on, along with practical advice and practices that were also new to me. Our session was invaluable and I felt heard, held and hopeful by the end of it. So much gratitude for this incredible woman and her work. If you have the opportunity to work with Jolinda, jump at it! Rebecca Coldicutt, New Zealand


Jolinda Johnson is a Women’s Health Coach on a mission to help women make sense of their cycles, master their stress, and feel safe in their own skin.

She has been featured on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine and was nominated for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy CEO Shine Award in 2017. 

She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a specialization in hormone health, a Certified Life Coach, and holds degrees from Columbia University and Pace University in the City of New York.

While born and raised in Detroit, Michigan she has called Barcelona, Spain her home for the last decade.  In addition to coaching, she is a single mom to a six-year-old son and is grateful every day that she finally figured out what it means to live life on her own terms.


Before I signed up for a coaching series with Jolinda, I wondered if I really needed so many sessions and if I would make the full use of it. However, each session has proven invaluable, and I have always had something to share and work with.

Often it starts small, something that has been annoying me in between sessions, and being able to discuss these moments with Jolinda and uncover what’s behind them has helped me gain more confidence and reconnect with myself. I really love Jolinda’s gentle approach to coaching and how she blends in her spirituality. Emilie Gomez, France

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